Eagle Rock
Encourage Board Members to be active around issues that are important to themselves, their constituencies and Sub-Districts. Sponsor and Co-sponsor events that engage stakeholders and make Eagle Rock a better place to live, work, learn, and visit.
The ERNC board did a superb job engaging its stakeholders in a variety of ways, including:
Supporting Community Art projects, like DOT utility box painting
Sponsoring events, like the ERNC Animal Fest
Holding special meetings for Subdistrict Directors to meet their constituents  before ERNC board meetings
Engaging and listening to the community around Land Use issues, hearing every single development application at our Land Use committee and full board meetings, and writing dozens of letters to the Planning Department about Conditional Use Permits and development applications of all kinds.
Listening to the community, lobbying our officials,  and finalizing a years-long process to secure a location and a nearly 1-million dollar commitment in the Mayor’s budget for a new Dog Park in Eagle Rock
Organizing and leading a community effort to lift the Operating Hours curfew on Colorado Blvd, freeing small businesses from an economic depressor that had been in place since 1992
Expanded our election turnout significantly by creating innovative outreach materials, and by creating a community event around Elections.
Hosted neighborhood cleanups, tree care events, and pedestrian/bicycle pit stops in collaboration with Council District 14 throughout the year that engaged stakeholders.
Identified new locations for street trees, sidewalk repairs, and a new bicycle corral, bringing City services and infrastructure to our neighborhood, benefiting Stakeholders
The ERNC won its first Empower LA award as a result of these and other improvements.
Engage Stakeholders and increase meeting attendance, including ERNC Committee meetings
We increased our Social Media presence, grew our email distribution list, and wrote/sent weekly email blasts that resulted in an increase in attendance at all of our meetings and events. We also scheduled topics of discussion and expenditures that made real difference to stakeholder’s lives, and this increased their engagement. We also held events and clean-ups that brought neighbors together to meet and engage with City employees.
Promote the ERNC as a means of connecting to LA City government.

The ERNC has worked to increase its email database and highlight important agenda items in emails sent to stakeholders. Board members have worked to strengthen relationship with CD14 and City staff. The result has been more community engagement in local issues that are important to Stakeholders, and more important, more understanding of how City government works, and how Stakeholders can affect Citywide decisions.
Conceive and implement more Community Improvement Projects in cooperation with community leaders and individual Board members.
ERNC has developed strong partnerships with local community organizations and has worked with those groups on projects benefiting the community. Most recently, ERNC has partnered with TERA, CERB and CD14 to put a Tree Care program into place to support our Urban forest through the recent drought, watering and caring for the 200+ trees that ERNC planted throughout Eagle Rock via the CIP process. We also made an NPG to Recycled Resources for the Homeless that allowed them to open their Winter Shelter for the homeless, and which spurred the City and County of LA to direct more funding to them to serve the homeless; this was perhaps the best use of ERNC money for the entire year, since it touched so many lives, and resulted in breaking a political logjam that would not have been resolved without the work of the ERNC.
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BIG Score and results?
Stakeholder Database
Grew from 1800 to 3200
Election turnout
Grew our election turnout to 517 voters, more than we’ve had in the past few election cycles.
Met all goals set regarding Community Impact Statements and Requests for Action
ERNC surpassed its goals for CIS and RFA, and  continues to expand its representation of its constituents to the City.
Promoting ERNC as a means of connecting to LA City government
More stakeholders are attending our meetings, and more are availing themselves of City services with our help; we had more candidates for ERNC seats in this election cycle than in the past couple of cycles which means more Stakeholders know what we do, and want to be involved.
Citywide NC Metrics
How many meetings was conducted?
We collaborated with electeds and City Departments to host meetings and forums on:

Planning Dept. and Council District 14/Jose Huizar: Town Hall on changes to Colorado Blvd Specific Plan
LAUSD: Debate for School Board District 5
Council District 14/Jose Huizar: Opposition to Scholl Canyon Dump expansion news conference
 Council District 14/Jose Huizar: Various tree-care events and community cleanups throughout the year.
 Council District 14/Jose Huizar: Reception for LADOT box artists.
 Dept. of Animal Services and Council District 14/Jose Huizar: Animal Fest 2015.
DONE: Candidate forum/Town Hall for ERNC candidates
Council District 14/Jose Huizar: Movie night in Yosemite Park
Council District 14/Jose Huizar: Monthly bike and pedestrian pit-stops
Dept. of Transportation and Council District 14/Jose Huizar: Bicycle corral installation and opening event
Dept. of Transportation: July 4 ride to fireworks in the park
Bureau of Street Services: “Neighborhood Blitz” street repairs
Sanitation Dept. and Council District 14/Jose Huizar: new trash cans on ER streets
Sanitation Dept. and Council District 14/Jose Huizar: Relocation of existing “art” trash cans
Collaborative Eagle Rock Beautiful (CERB) -  Eagle Rock Trail Clean-up 
Eagle Rock Yacht Club and Collaborative Eagle Rock Beautiful (CERB) -  ER City Hall Clean-up 
Audobon Society - Tree care and clean up event
Aldama Elementary school -  Tree care and clean up event
The Eagle Rock Association (TERA) -  Town Hall on changes to Colorado Blvd Specific Plan
The Eagle Rock Association (TERA) -  Opposition to Scholl Canyon Dump expansion news conference
Recycled Resources for the Homeless: Annual homeless count
Los Angeles Bicycle Coalition: Monthly bike and pedestrian pit-stops
Los Angeles Bicycle Coalition: July 4 ride to fireworks in the park
Stakeholder Database
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