Involve more Venice stakeholders in civic participation.
Large public involvement at Board meetings and submitting comments to Board members.  Substantial increase in election turn-out.
Increase the community awareness of the VNC.
Redesigned the weekly web news blast and was more consistent in distribution of information. 
Improve relationships with government officials.
Active participation by local and federal officials at Board meetings.  Board involvement increased at City and DONE functions.
Promote active and engaged participation in the VNC election.
All-time record turn out for a neighborhood council election, which was higher than most regions.
Cultivate public safety for all stakeholders.
Public safety committee went moribund.  Cahir of committee remained active with CPAC.
How did your BIG Budget Match to Goals?
BIG Score and results?
Participation by all Board members in VNC outreach.
Not entirely successful.  Very active core group.  Several Board members less so.
Development of outrach materials.
Weekly web blast becaem consistent whereas previously it was very sporadic.  Development of three new informational handouts.
An increase in candidates and voters in 2016 VNC election.
Set new city records with more than 60 candidates and more than 2,500 voters.
Incresaed neighborhood watches.
Citywide NC Metrics
How many meetings was conducted?
Town Halls, Venice BBQ, Venice Sign Lighting, Venice Toy Drive, Vera Davis Thanksgiving, Abbot Kinney Festival, Green Expo
Abbot Kinney Association-Abbot Kinney Festival
Chamber of Commerce-Venice Sign Lighting
Venice Art Crawl Association-Venice Art Crawl
Stakeholder Database
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