Coastal San Pedro
Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council will continue to develop training for the Board in order to achieve maximum effectiveness.
Board members had the opportunity to participate in funding, ethics and other city-sponsored training, as well as the Citizen Police Academy and other informative sessions put on by local government and business partners, helping them better understand city services and relationships.
Continue to work with the Council Office to provide smooth communications between stakeholder and the City Departments.
The President and Vice President built a strong relationship with CD15 to advocate for stakeholders and obtain prompt action from City departments.  Examples include action to improve the Sunken City area and planned improvements to Hamilton Ave.
Continue to improve the website to make it an effective tool for stakeholders to access and information related to CSPNC and to provide information of value to community members.
The website continues to contain the same information that was posted on it during the prior year.  The format and content have not been materially altered.
Manage the budget with stakeholder influence and oversight
All budget deliberations and spending decisions were made in public meetings with opportunities for stakeholder input.
Work with other Neighborhood Councils in the area on major projects that impact more than just the Coastal area.
The CSPNC did not work with other NC's on any significant projects during FY 15-16.
How did your BIG Budget Match to Goals?
BIG Score and results?
Create a tracking system to track issues from inception to completion.
Issues continue to be tracked manually from receipt to resolution
File Community Impact Statements
cspnc filed three (3) community impact statements last year.
Increase our stakeholder database by 15%
We increased our database by more than the targeted amount.
Conduct 12 general board meetings and 40 committee meetings this year
We conducted more than the targeted amount of meetings.
Contact stakeholders electronically 3 times month
We contacted stakeholders electronically more than the targeted amount.
Citywide NC Metrics
matters were communicated outside of the RFA process.
How many meetings was conducted?
Sharefest - painting a graffiti plagued bathroom with sponsorship directed by our CD15 office.
Stakeholder Database
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