Olympic Park
Seventy percent of the 2015-2016 Board Members resigned and new members were appointed to fill vacant seats so training was conducted by DONE.
It was important for new members to be trained about how to be a board members. Jay Handal and Ivan conducted these training. Training was mandatory for all 19 members.
Develop Outreach strategies and brand marketing
OPNC last board had seventy percent turned over; new appointed members needed to know how to be board members and what is required according to the bylaws and the City Charters.
Partnership with other Neighborhood Council and participated on events as well as sharing information
Sharing information and ideas with other Neighborhood Councils is a vital element in improving outcomes for both.
Took part by having a booth during L.A. Korean Festival for four days.
L.A. Korean Festival is a four day event. OPNC had their own booth along with branded materials including a photo booth. Board members were scheduled and manned the booth while others get a break. OPNC also had trip-fold brochure in three languages; English, Hispanics, and Korean. The Korean Festival was OPNC's greatest event. We had a board member that speak both English and Korean and he was able to translate what OPNC is all about as well as an entity for the City of Los Angeles an part of Herb Wesson's District.
Establish various committees to keep the district inform of updates that can affect their household such as LADWP, Public Works, PLUM, Transportation, Public Safety, Animal Welfare, Health and Environment,.
OPNC has the following committees; PLUM, Public Works, Transportation & Public Safety, Health & Environment, Animal Welfare, Youth Pulse, and Outreach.
How did your BIG Budget Match to Goals?
BIG Score and results?
Ninety-five percent to increase presence on Facebook
Increased local and international Presence, comments and Likes
Website (Create new website with updates to inform stakeholders in the district.
Hundred percent visibility and daily hits to at least 300 per day.
Eighty percent twitter responses twitter & resource
Accomplished and started using hashtags increased followers.
Sixty-five percent you tube presence
Accomplished 75%
Increased marketing and branding with business cards. Fifty percent
Items with neighborhood logo distributed at events, increased stakeholders participation.
Citywide NC Metrics
Fifty percent of new board members needed training
Training and involved in election.
How many meetings was conducted?
Wilshire LAPD Division Open House
Wilshire LAPD Division Community Forum
Homeless Count Event
L.A. High Voter Registration
L.A. High National Night Out
L.A. High Townhall Forum
L.A. Korean Festival
Clean-up Pico Boulevard
Stakeholder Database
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