Bel Air-Beverly Crest
To work together to create and fulfill an outreach plan for a successful neighborhood council election,raising awareness of our existence as a neighborhood council, to invite the community to participate in the NC, and to come out and vote.
Larry Leisten, Elections Chair, and Robin Greenberg, Outreach Chair and BABCNC President, and committee members: Maureen Levinson, Maureen Smith, Gary Plotkin and John Amato created and fulfilled an outreach plan, which included printing and mailing 11,300 postcard mailers, installing 10 pole banners, holding a Meet & Greet, and holding our Elections at Harvard Westlake School.  We held a successful election due to organized, detailed, nonstop planning and execution of goals that included locating our elections at Harvard Westlake School with John Amato’s hospitality.
Connectivity to the community through outreach
The election and selection connected us to the community.  Through our web presence, the mailers, pole banners, the meet and greet, the community became aware of our election and selection, and we received seven new interested candidates. 
To participate in City government, both in person and through submission of written Community Impact Statements (CISs) and letters to the elected officials, based on motions approved at the publicly-noticed BABCNC Board meetings, on matters of importance to the stakeholders in our hillside communities.
Members of the BABCNC visited City Hall and Public Hearings on many occasions to represent the community and submitted CISs and letters to elected officials on a range of issues relevant to the stakeholders in the hillside communities on issues including but not limited to the baseline mansionization ordinance (BMO/BHO), second dwelling units (SDUs), short-term rentals (STRs), as well as Mobility Plan 2035; the revised City Sign Ordinance; Neighborhood Council Monitoring of City Services; City Authority Over Conditional Use Beverage (CUB) Permits for Alcohol; the LADWP Ballot Measure; Support for the Los Angeles Homeless Veterans Leasing Act of 2015; Enforcement of all Zoning and Building Codes; Amendment to the Small Lot Subdivision Ordinance (SLS).
To interact with City elected and appointed officials, to increase our knowledge of them, and their knowledge of us.
Members of the BABCNC participated in meetings with our City representatives, both at our Board meetings and outside of our meetings, including: CD4 & CD5 City Councilmembers Ryu and Koretz, Planning Director Vince Bertoni and Assistant, Kevin Keller, CD5’s Joan Pelico, CD5’s Field Rep Gurmet Khara and Planning Deputy, Faisal Alserri, CD4’s Field Reps, Adam Miller and Catherine Landers, and Planning Deputy, Julia Duncan, to discuss important planning and land use issues, and to implore the elected officials to protect the hillsides.
To increase the number of town hall meetings and public events through WRAC, as well as through the CD5 Coalition, CLAW, the Urban Wildlands Group, the Hillside Federation and the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy
In addition to attending WRAC meetings regularly, the BABCNC participated in the WRAC breakfast with Senator Ben Allen, the WRAC town hall meeting with Mayor Garcetti at the Felicia Mahood Center, the WRAC town hall meeting at the Museum of Tolerance with Curren Price, the WRAC town hall meeting at the Broad in Santa Monica with Sheila Kuehl and Bobby Shriver.
How did your BIG Budget Match to Goals?
BIG Score and results?
PLU Committee Measures:That the BABCNC Planning and Land Use Committee continue to meet on the 2nd Tuesday of the month from 7:00 to 9:00 pm at Stephen Wise to: 1) hear from developers, architects, and land use attorneys, as well as the public, as to building and development projects;2) to increase participation of the public in these meetings; 3) to keep apprised of, track, respond to and take a leadership position on important land use issues affecting the BABCNC hillside areas, by providing written proposals, CISs and letters to our elected officials,on issues up for review and actions by City Departments, Committees and Council.
Result:  The number of stakeholders continued to increase at the PLU meetings with some meetings generated between 15-20 stakeholders on one project.  Stakeholders were encouraged to meet the developers and interact with them.  The PLU Committee heard from developers, architects and land use attorneys, as well as the public, and voted on projects, prepared and submittedposition letters on these as well as on recommendations leading to CISs and letters to City Departments and elected officials on “city-wide”land-use issues.  Projectspresented to the PLU Committee and stakeholders included but were not limited to the following: June 2015: 1) 862 N. Moraga Drive DIR 2014-4936-DB; 2) 2553 N. Summitridge   July 2015: 1) 8951 St. Ives Drive ZA 2014-1870 (ZAA);2) To oppose vacation of road easement at 2165 Basil Lane; 3) Support the appeal of the B-permit or the Crisler Way Road permit #Br402571; 4) Support the appeal of the Mulholland DRB for the construction of a 1300 square foot dwelling on 2471 Nalin Drive. September 2015: 1) 8904 Crescent Drive; 2) 1877 Rising Glen Drive October 2015:  1) 662 N. Sepulveda Blvd (aka:  Bel Air Bar & Grill) CUP; 2) 1177 Tower Grove Rd Lot split; 3) 10101-10107 Angelo View Drive: Prepare EIR as promised November 2015: 1) 2123 Groveland Drive:  ZA 2015-2821-ZAD; 2) 10101-10107 Angelo View Drive: ENV 2014-4540  December 2015: 1) 1177 Tower Grove Road AA 2015-567-PMLA Lot split; 2) 384 Delfern Drive: Singleton Estate (Historical Preservation); 3) To approve proposed pending BHO revisions as recommended by the PLU & Mansionization Committee  January 2016:  1) Remanded back to Committee 10016 Charter Oak Lane  ZA 2015-1829-ZAD A new Single Family Dwelling on a sub-standard street. February 2016: 1) 10016 Charter Oak Lane:  ZA 2015-1829-ZAD; 2) 2922 Beverly Glen Circle CUB Approval for a full liquor permit for an existing restaurant space; 3) 8517 Franklin Avenue ZA 2015-1724-ZAD: ZAD; 4) 15210 Antelo Place. March 2016:  1) 2123 Groveland Drive:  ZA 2015-2821-ZAD A new Single Family Dwelling (SFD) on a sub-standard street.    April 2016:  1)  780, 788, 800  N. Tortuoso Way, 90077 Zone Variance to permit two (2) additional kitchens within each of the (N) single-family dwellings noted in the above cases.  Three (3) houses total. 2) 3001 Benedict Canyon DriveAA 2015- 3412-PMLA: Sub-divide 1 parcel into 2 parcels; 3) 2660 Skywin Way DIR-2016-1092-DRB-SPP-MSP A new two story SFD to replace an existing one story SFD. May 2016:  1) 944 Airole Way Case # ZA 2015-4727-ZVVariance for 3 (N) Kitchens; 2) 1511 North Tower Grove Road ZA 2015-2277-ZAA Lot Line Adjustment; 3) 760 Lausanne Road:  ZA 2015-4553-ZAA;  9847 Glouster Drive ZA 2015-4603; 2471 Nalin Drive.   June 2016:  The PLUC unanimously approved a motion to recommend that the full board approve submission of a CIS with Robin Greenberg’s letter of June 6, 2017 sent to Planning Department for their 06/07/2016 PLUM meeting on Second Dwelling Units (aka Granny Flats) CF 14-0057-S8.  The PLUC unanimously approved a motion to recommend that the full board approve submission of a CIS with Mike Kemp’s letter with recommendations on the Baseline Hillside Ordinance (BHO). The PLUC continually followed up on and responded to pending haul routes in the BABCNC hillside territory and raisedthe City’s attention to the need for a Ridgeline Ordinance. When motions with potentially serious impacts to the hillsides appeared before the Planning Commission, PLUM Committee, City Council, BABCNC members attended hearings and input their position into the City records as well as met, when possible,with Councilmembers Koretz&Ryu, Planning Director,Vince Bertoni, Assistant Director, Kevin Keller, CD4 Planning Deputy, Julia Duncan, and CD5 Planning Deputies, Faisal Alserri and Shawn Bayliss, in regard to these issues, including but not limited to the proposed revisions for the Ordinance on the Baseline Mansionization Ordinance/Baseline Hillside Ordinance(BMO/BHO), Short-Term Rentals (STRs), the Ordinance on Small Lot Subdivisions, the repeal of the Ordinance on Second Dwelling Units, creation of construction over-lay zone regarding grading and haul routes in the hillside areas.
EP CommitteeMeasures:  That the BABCNC Public Safety/Disaster Preparedness Committee (aka “Emergency Preparedness” or “EP” Committee) continue to meet every other month under the leadership of Chuck Maginnis, in places such as Bel Air Crest, the Getty and Bel Air Ridge, to raise community awareness on a variety of issues pertaining to emergency preparedness, by having discussions and providing informational presentations, as well as supporting CERT and ham radio instruction for any community members interested. 
Result:  The BABCNC EP Committee, under Chuck Maginnis’ leadership, has developed relationships with LAPD, LAFD and surrounding institutions.  Our EP’s Communication Subcommittee is partnering with the LAFD’s ACS group and is successfully adding HAM Radio operators to help with Emergency Notification in further protecting our areas.  The BABCNC EP Committee is regarded as model group.  Presentationsby Special Guest Speakers in the 2015-2016 Fiscal Year included:   July 2015:  Captain Tina Nieto, LAPD, Commanding Officer, WLA Police Station & Deputy Chief Joseph Castro, LAFD West Bureau, Captain Mike McIndoe, LAFD West Bureau, EMS/Resiliancy Officer to discuss coordination of the LAPD & LAFD during emergency events; John Darnell, CD5 Deputy from Paul Koretz’s office, Tim Pershing, District 50 Deputy with Assemblyman Richard Bloom to discuss liability issues, e.g. Good Samaritan Laws. September 2015:  Grayce Liu, General Manager, Department of Neighborhood Empowerment (DONE), Bill Hopkins, Granada Hills NC EP Chair & Southern California Preparedness Foundation, Linda Pruett, Lake Balboa NC EP Chair – to discuss formation of a NC-wide coalition of Emergency Preparedness committees.  Beth Burnham, Topanga Resident, Founder/Co-President North Topanga Canyon Fire Safe Council (NTCFSC); Bryce Anderson and James Grasso, Topanga Resident, T-CEP, Disaster Radio Team, on their work in Topanga Canyon. November 2015:  Bill Kabaker, Precise Landscape:  Bill spoke on the Protected Tree Ordinance; CERT overview with Christy Adair, Battalion 10 Coordinator.   January 2016: Scott Mitchem, US Department of Homeland Security, Protective Security Advisor Los Angeles District, Protective Security Coordination Division spoke on Terrorism, Riots and FreeActive Shooters March 2016:  Tim Pershing, Field Representative for Assemblyman Bloom, gave a review of the “Good Samaritan Law. (GSL) May 2016:  Captain Chris Winn, LAFD CERT Commander.
ElectionsMeasure:  To hold a successful election with greater voter turnout and participation.
Result:  Under the direction of Larry Leisten, Election Chair, with the help of Robin Greenberg and the Outreach Committee, a very successful election was held at the Harvard-Westlake School, hosted by John Amato.  In the election that preceded this election, 5 people voted; in this election approximately 90 people voted.
Outdoor Spaces& Wildlife Measure:  To promote efforts towards protecting wildlife and wildlands in the BABCNC territories and beyond.
Results: Thanks to the efforts of BABCNC Board member, and Laurel Canyon Association (LCA) representative Tony Tucci, with the help of LCA representative, Jamie Hall,and Alison Simard of the LCA, an ordinance on Wildlife Corridors/Santa Monica Mountains (Hillside Ordinance Zone) moved by Councilmember, Paul Koretz, was approved by City Council. 
WRAC Measure:  That the BABCNC contribute to the success of WRAC, by attending monthly meetings on the third Wednesday of the month at Lenny's Deli in Westwood, attended by representative of 13 neighborhood and community councils.
Results:  Motions voted on by BABCNC and WRAC for which BABCNC submitted CISs or letters to elected officials included:Mobility Plan 2035; Oppose AB 744 Limiting Local Government Authority over Parking for SB 1818 Density Bonus Projects; Oppose AB 1373 Exempting 40 Square Blocks of DTLA from CA Outdoor Advertising Act; Revised City Sign Ordinance Motion; Neighborhood Council Monitoring of City Services;City Authority over Conditional Use Beverage (CUB) Permits for Alcohol; LADWP Ballot Measure; Support for the Los Angeles Homeless Veterans Leasing Act of 2015; Enforcement of all Zoning and Building Codes; andAmendment to the Small Lot Subdivision Ordinance.
Citywide NC Metrics
How many meetings was conducted?
July 5, 2016: Meeting at the Getty House with Mayor Garcetti
June 27, 2016:  Meet & Greet with LA City Planning Director, Vince Bertoni
June 17, 2016:  Rules, Elections, Intergovernmental Relations & Neighborhoods Committee:  Reappointment of Mr. Eli Lipmen to the Board of Neighborhood Commissioners
June 13, 2016:  Board of Public Works with Councilman Paul Koretz
June 4, 2016:  Meeting with Senator Ben Allen with WRAC at Lenny’s Deli.
Mayor Garcetti’s Welcome Home Project 
Fire Station 99 Open House Saturday May 14, 2016
Fire Station 71 Open House Sunday May 22, 2016 with Paul Koretz
Stakeholder Database
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