Northwest San Pedro
Community Impact Statements – NWSPNC will file 5 CIS. 
EmpowerLA shows we filed 19
Requests for Action – NWSPNC will file 15 Request for Action to our elected and City departments this year. This does NOT include CIS.
While we did send over 15 letters this past year, many did not actually “request an action” so difficult to measure this goal. Suggest future letters be more clear on requesting action and include a due date so we can create better follow up to our requests.
Meetings – NWSPNC will conduct 11 general Board Meetings and 40 committee meetings this year.
We conducted 11 meetings and probably 40 committee meetings. Having committee meeting reports submitted and posted on our website will help us track this in the future and also be more transparent to our stakeholders.
Stakeholders – NWSPNC will collaborate on 3 events with 2 elected, 2 city departments, 2 community organizations or non-profits and 6 schools
This goal was easily met with our events: Movie in the Park, Candy Cane Lane, Holiday Parade, Spaghetti Dinner, Pathways to Employment
Communication – NWSPNC will increase our stakeholder data base from 1148 to 1300.
Per Kristina “We have 1196 at the present time, but there were at least 25 that I had to remove because they were bouncing due to a bad email address.  Also we had several emails where the people unsubscribed.  Therefore it is hard to get an exact count of how many new subscribers we actually have.  I don't think that you quite reached your goal which was to increase by 152, but you definitely increased by at least 75 or more.”
How did your BIG Budget Match to Goals?
BIG Score and results?
1.  Northwest San Pedro Neighborhood Council will participate in at least two leadership building training sessions:
•    Effective Committees •    Positive Relationship Building
.  Pathways to Employment IV – Continuing an established student employment preparedness event where young people, from throughout the harbor area, can enhance their job seeking skills
Increased number of schools, Outreach improved with “school champions” and presentations at schools,This year’s students were much more engaged than in past
Hold a Community Picnic – Peck Recreational Center
Movie in the Park Picnic At Peck Park – great attendance
Address health and safety community concerns
Sustainability committee established and public Safety committee established also. We are mentoring other San Pedro neighborhood councils to start their own sustainability committee.
.  Increase attendance at monthly neighborhood council meeting by 20%
Short of this goal – suggest we review objective of this goal
Citywide NC Metrics
How many meetings was conducted?
Candy Can Lane- Joe Boscianno
Pathways To Employment - Joe Boscianno, Park and Rec,LAUSD, Police Dept.
Holiday Parade - Chamber Of Commerce 
Spaghetti Dinner - Joe Boscianno
Movie in the Park - Rec and Parks
Elections Event- Joe Boscianno, City Clerk, Rec and Parks
Pathways to Employment
Stakeholder Database
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