Glassell Park
To communicate with stakeholders where they would hear it and see it. Create a variety of events and provide information in a variety of ways such as social media, print, and surveys.
The NC hosted events throughout the year including a Halloween Clean, MLK Day of Service community cleanup, The Big Draw,
Did your Council meet this goal? □ Yes □ No –Why?
through outreach and continuous interaction with stakeholders.
   Earth Day / Spring clean event.
Event outreach were supported on GPNC website, social media, flyers.
There was a good social media effort throughout the year.
Followers increased on twitter, and likes on facebook also increased. An Instagram account was established, as was Tumblr
How did your BIG Budget Match to Goals?
BIG Score and results?
Goal and measure was the number of e-newsletter subscribers from 972 to 2000.
The NC did not reach it’s goal of 2000, but we did sent regular, monthly updates to the 1000 subscribers we did have and kept in constant contact with news, information and agendas.
To have 11 board meetings and 36 community meetings.
The GPNC had 11 board meetings and 45 community meetings.
To host 6 community events and partner with three (3) electeds and one city department.
The GPNC hosted or co-hosted 5 community events, partnering with two council districts, two NCs and one city dept.
12 Requests for Action
The GPNC made two requests for action, and submitted 10+ planning/ land use letters.
12 Community Impact Statements
0 Community Impact Statements
Citywide NC Metrics
No answer provided from previous board.
The GPNC made two requests for action, and submitted 10 or more planning/ land use letters.
How many meetings was conducted?
1. Halloween Cleanup event - Council District One/ Councilmember Cedillo and Los Angeles Conservation Corps 2. Cleanup event - Council District Fourteen/ Councilmember Huizar and EPNC and HHPNC
3. The BIG DRAW - Council District One/ Councilmember Cedillo
4. Earth Day / Earth Day - Council District One/ Councilmember Cedillo
SPRING CLEAN/ Environmental Science and Technology High School
Halloween Cleanup event - School of History and Dramatic Arts (SoDHA) and GPIA
The BIG Draw - Big Draw LA & Los Feliz Charter for the Arts
Stakeholder Database
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