Northridge South
1.)    Reseda Boulevard Great Streets project
We accomplished our goal with the major support of Sparkle, Councilman Englander’s office and many volunteers.
Adoption of public land for the display Art objects representing the history of Northridge
This project was begun and remains in progress and is moving forward to create a small park with some art object to transform a currently unused space to a place that will provide beauty to the area.
Citrus Sunday
This is a community project to collect fruit from Stakeholders residences and to donate the product of our collection to various food banks throughout the valley.  As in the past this was a very successful project
YMCA Thanksgiving food basket
We donate funds to the local YMCA to provide food baskets to needy families over the Thanksgiving holiday period. Members also assist in the delivery of the items to pick-up locations throughout the valley. Many other organizations volunteer for this also
SPARKLE on street cleanup projects
We work with SPARKLE to clean certain areas of our community
How did your BIG Budget Match to Goals?
BIG Score and results?
Were all funds used to benefit the community.
We used all funds provided including an additional $5,000 given to each neighborhood council.
Citywide NC Metrics
How many meetings was conducted?
Stakeholder Database
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