Woodland Hills-Warner Center
Collaborate with other organizations.
We collaborate with One Generation, Valley Cultural Center, Pacific Boys Lodge, Churches and Chamber of Commerce among others
Train committee chairs to use the website and have more committee meetings and expand date base,
We now have 13 committees that meet every month.We have tripled our database by having stakeholder information forms. present at all meetings and events.
Mobilize area representation. We have 7 areas with 3 representatives for each area.
We have partnered with schools to create community gardens. Every month the area reps discuss and present at the monthly Board meetings goals for their area.
Update the NC website
We have extensively updated the website and now have individual committee pages on the website.
Partner with schools.
We have partnered with schools to create community gardens and provided an NPG to the Pacific Boys Lodge.
How did your BIG Budget Match to Goals?
BIG Score and results?
Face book Group Members
Increased from 200 members to 1187
Twitter Followers
Increased from 200 followers to 499
Web Traffic
1059 page views monthly average
Live Stremaing Board members
Currently about 300 members watch Board Meetings
Board Members activity
Board was not very active. We now have 13 committees and all Board members are active.
Citywide NC Metrics
No one to write them. We now have CIS Committee.
We are making an effort to be more connected to the Council Office by written requests.
How many meetings was conducted?
Bob Blumenfield town halls. 
Various City Department presentations at our Board meetings including DWP and the City Attorney.
NC Booth at 14 Concerts in the Park, the Safety Fair, One Generation Senior Symposium, School vegetable garden, Pacific Boys Lodge Bicycle Program, West Valley Food Bank, American Legion Hall
Stakeholder Database
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