Hollywood United
Host a Shakeout Event to bring awareness to emergency preparedness. Hand out emergency preparedness kits.
HUNC did not host a Shakeout Event.  We did however, began a successful series of Speaker events in collaboration with other Hollywood NCs, one featuring newly elected Councilmember David Ryu, CD4 and the other featuring City of LA elected representatives, Ron Galpin, Zev Yarsolvsky and Keving James.  This Speaker Series has become a cornerstone for HUNC outreach and continues into goals for FY 2016/2017.
Revamp website, rebuild email list and produce regular news letters.
HUNC worked with our existing website throughout FY2015/2016, leading to making this a BIG goal for FY2016/2017.  HUNC was able to increase our database from 600+ to 1200+ including incorporating email available records from Nation Builder voter registration information.  We did succeed in providing a regular newsletter with the help of one of our stakeholders.
Conduct a robust election with goals for 3 candidates per available seat and improve our voter turnout from 306 (1.3%) in 2014 to 500 (2.5%) in 2016.
While two of the eight seats available went uncontested, HUNC achieved 24 total candidates across the 8 seats, achieving the candidate outreach goal.  The newest HUNC Board members have new and varied skill sets and interests, which will impact positively the effectiveness of HUNC.  We exceeded our voter turnout goal, garnering 525 registered voters/votes for 2.6% creating greater awareness of HUNC.
Develop a generalized brochure for outreach events, Board meetings and direct mail.
HUNC developed a (mailable) tri-fold brochure containing our mission, Board and Committee scheduled meeting dates and locations and additional contact/social media information.  This piece provided the branded/imagery “look and feel” template for all subsequent materials, handouts, announcements, newsletters, event flyers and programs.
Work with other NC PLUM Committees on a development proposal.
HUNC was unable to achieve this goal.  We focused on learning newly elected Councilmember David Ryu’s position and style on development issues.  We worked with the displaced residents and developers of Villa Carlotta on a proposal to turn the low-cost housing into a boutique hotel.  The developers, eventually withdrew their proposal.
How did your BIG Budget Match to Goals?
BIG Score and results?
Increase 2016 election outreach to 3 candidates for each of the 8 seats.
We achieved 24 candidates for 8 seats
Increase voter turnout in 2016 elections from 306 to 500.
We achieved 525 registrations/voters.
Increase our data base from 600 to 1000
We currently have over 1200 in our database.
Improve our awareness in the community by hosting 4 community interest Speaker events and two Community Improvement projects.
While we only hosted two of these Speaker Series in FY 2015/1016, we did support a Children’s authors fair, Christmas tree sale at Cheremoya Elementary School, the annual holiday events for Garfield/Gramercy Pumpkin Carving and Hollywood Studio District’s holiday party.  We help fund a property security fence adjacent  to the “Vista” and permanent game tables at Lake Hollywood Park and fully funded a bike rack to be installed at the Franklin/Ivar Park.
Citywide NC Metrics
HUNC has strong working relations with CD4, CD13 and other city depts.
How many meetings was conducted?
Speaker series featuring David Ryu
Speaker series featuring Ron Galprin, Kevin James, Zev Yarslovsky
Cheremoya ES events:
Childress Author Reading and Book Fair
Cheremoya Christmas Tree Sale
Stakeholder Database
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