Lake Balboa
LBNC will finally be given access to the County Database for zip code 91406 during few weeks
received database but not enough training to know how to use it
a) LBNC will need to develop a plan for tagging each file, learn how to send e-blasts and newsletters and determine if LBNC can use the web builder. LBNC will work with local schools to provide community hours to he students who help us "clean" the database, create a LBNC newsletter and distribution plan and b) add to the murals on Haskell
a) not enough technical training, b) the murals were completed
A) LBNC will continue to stress to the city of LA that the stakeholders want Emergency Bins available for times of disasters. This continues to be an uphill battle for which LBNC is prepared. B) LBNC will host CERT training for the community, Teen CERT training for students at the Birmingham Complex, C) work towards purchasing 2 moe EP Bins
A) Elected officials ignored everything, B) Not completed due to changes in the program C) still fighting the system with threats of freezing LBNC funds
How did your BIG Budget Match to Goals?
BIG Score and results?
Given access to county database
Yes, we did get it
Tagging each file
No - training not offered on technical aspects by city
Add murals on Haskell
All done, all amazing!
Disaster preparedness
This was completed but with little to no help from city
Cert training
completed - again with little to no help from city
Citywide NC Metrics
How many meetings was conducted?
At least two times a month at the least our communications director communicates with our councilperson's office
3 times with schools to finish murals
1 time with an NPG on a charity to improve a local dog park
Stakeholder Database
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