Central San Pedro
1.    We will reach out to and engage diverse segments of our community, balancing the interests of parents and students, youth and seniors, the local business community and residents, and consider the interests of non-English speakers as well as other ethnic groups and all levels of income. We will consider these diverse segments with respect to: •    How we decide what to feature and include in our stakeholder meeting agendas, emphasizing items of general community interest •    What community affairs we participate in •    What we include in our newsletters •    How we design our opinion polls The decisions we reach as a body
Board members never followed through
1.    Emphasize work with youth in order to look to the future of the neighborhood council movement. Opportunities include: •    Encourage youth to participate in stakeholder meetings in order to give them experience in the field of city government. Reach out and encourage youth to speak and ask questions at our meetings.  •    Encourage youth to form committees of the neighborhood council on topics of special interest to them. •    Identify and describe local volunteer opportunities of special interest to youth •    Encourage youth to become involved in building a strong web presence for our neighborhood council •    Promote youth career development by participating in local job fairs
Ideas were shot down in committee
1.    We will place great importance on identifying key topics of interest of our community and develop and implement programs and activities to address them. At this time, we recognize the following as important issues to be addressed in our community: •    Employment opportunities •    Small business viability •    Improved streets and sidewalks •    Improved local parks •    Community appearance and cleanliness •    Port affairs, including Ports O’Call development •    Public safety Housing and homelessness Environmental sustainability                                  
Non Board Member Participation
1.    We will work to develop strategic partnerships with key local organizations in order to leverage our collective resources for community engagement and improvement. We will endeavor to maintain a liaison between our organization and others, and prioritize a neighborhood council presence at local community events. We will contribute as a sponsor to others’ events in return for significant community exposure, and endeavor to purchase needed supplies and services from within our community. Key community partners include: •    Other Harbor Area neighborhood councils, including HANC - the Harbor Alliance of Neighborhood Councils •    the Chamber of Commerce and our local merchants  •    the San Pedro Historic Waterfront Business Improvement District, aka the PBID •    Grand Vision Foundation •    Non-profits working to end homelessness •    Faith-based organizations
1.    We will work to strengthen our relationship with our City Councilperson, his staff, and other city departments. Towards this end, we will strive to: •    Create clear lines of communication •    Follow up promptly and thoroughly with all communications •    Maintain distinct professional vs. personal roles in our dealings with city personnel •    Strive for civility, cordiality and respect in all conversations Provide notice of topics we are interested in hearing about in advance of our stakeholder meetings, in order to enable city staff to respond effectively in a timely manner
Relationships were broken.
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2 Homeless Events for Harbor Interfaith, Green Festival for POLA High School.
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