Hollywood Studio District
Creating and supporting events in the district and with other organizations, entities and NCs
In addition to the HSDNC's Holiday party which reached 700 individuals and families, the HSDNC sponsored and ran town halls, debates and events.
Participating and representing the NC at City Council, Commission and Committee meetings/events
Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Plum Chair and other NC members appeared, spoke and sent letters regarding issues important to HSNDC stakeholders
Sponsoring and Creating events and activities to promote the HSDNC elections
HSDNC had more election events including BBQs, Meet and Greets, Mailings and even a cable access commercial promoting the HSDNC elections
How did your BIG Budget Match to Goals?
BIG Score and results?
Citywide NC Metrics
Actually, HSDNC Officers filed multiple letters establishing the NC's position on numerous issues.
Actually, HSDNC Officers filed multiple letters establishing the NC's position on numerous issues.
How many meetings was conducted?
Stakeholder Database
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