West Hills
To improve our capabilities for informing stakeholders about community issues and resources. In 2015/2016, we shall increase participation in our social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) and enrollment in our email list.
Our email list increased by 1200 and our Facebook page increased by 25%
To revamp our web site, making it a more effective means for stakeholders to learn about WHNC projects and activities and help them connect with city agencies and resources.
We contracted with the Web Corner and developed a brand new web site.
To increase stakeholder participation in Neighborhood Council events and projects, such as beautification efforts.
Our Beautification events increased considerably, along with stakeholder participation.
To move forward on efforts to establish a community center/senior center
We established an ad hoc Community/Senior Center sub committee which is very active in searching for a site and sponsor.
.To move forward on executing our Disaster Preparedness Plan
We have established plans to create Map Your Neighborhood and Neighborhood Watch programs. 3 MYN groups are in the process of getting organized.
How did your BIG Budget Match to Goals?
BIG Score and results?
Number of email addresses on our list.
Increased from 1200 to 3300
Project completed
We had our web site completely rebuilt to be more effective.
Number of stakeholder and board member participants
Increased from 6 to 40 participants, monthly
We circulated a petition supporting our efforts to establish a community/senior center
Obtained  approximately 1000 signatures.
The number of Map Your Neighborhood and Neighborhood Watch groups.
Established 2 Map Your Neighborhood groups and 3 Neighborhood Watch groups
Citywide NC Metrics
How many meetings was conducted?
Citrus Sunday - City Councilman 
Movie Night - City Councilman, LA Rec & Parks
Eggstravaganza - City Councilman, LAFD, LAPD, LA Rec & Parks
Fall Fest - City Councilman, LA Rec & Parks
Citrus Sunday, FoodForward
Eggstravaganza - 8 elementary schools
Stakeholder Database
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