Mid City West
Increase stakeholder active participation in Mid City West.
Although Mid City West fell somewhat short of our numerical goals for the 2016 election, nevertheless there was an increase in the number of candidates, competitive seats, and voters from 2014 to the 2016 election. Both candidate recruitment and voter turnout have been trending upward in the last two elections. In addition, Mid City West has successfully used stakeholder membership on committees as a tool for getting stakeholders involved. Stakeholder committee members filled board vacancies and ran successfully for the council in our elections. In addition, a number of candidates who ran but were not elected were brought into the fold as stakeholder committee members.
Increase impact of Mid City West on government responsiveness and public policy making.
The Metro board approved $2.3 million for Mid City West’s neighborhood greenway plan, a first for a neighborhood council. The Mendel and Meyer Courtyard Apartments on Flores Street and the Edinburgh Bungalow Court received Historic Cultural Monument status in part due to action and advocacy by the Mid City West board. Mid City West also submitted a community impact statement recommending neighborhood council speaking time at city council meetings (Council files 15-0389 and 15-0524). That recommendation was later adopted by the city council.
Increase the physical presence of Mid City West in the community through outreach events and community improvement projects.
Mid City West hosted, co-hosted, or participated in 19 different events over the course of the fiscal year. In particular, we hosted more elections-related events in 2016 than in 2014. During the 2016 election season we held a Candidate 101 event, a candidate/stakeholder mixer, and a candidate forum, and hosted a table at Pan Pacific Park on Election Day as well. Other events during election season including the education town hall and the homeless count also offered opportunities for election outreach.
Expand and improve stakeholder outreach through electronic media.
Substantial investment in the facebook page led to more than doubling of our followers from 664 to 1421. Also, the council’s decision to adopt online voting helped us greatly expand our email list. The newsletter project continued with issues released most months. Mid City West entered into a contract for an updated website, which is forthcoming.
Create a Mid City West brand.
The Communications and Outreach committee has begun the process of creating a new logo, but the project was not completed in FY 2015-16.
How did your BIG Budget Match to Goals?
BIG Score and results?
Appoint 8 stakeholder members to Mid City West committees.
Target met. There were 8 stakeholders serving on Mid City West committees by the end of the fiscal year including 3 on Planning and Land Use, 2 on Transportation, Parking, and Streetscape, 1 on Public Safety, 1 on Communications and Outreach, and 1 on Education and Social Services.
Establish at least one working partnership with a city agency that leads to concrete results (e.g. partnership with Bureau of Street Services on NC Blitz program).
Mid City West collaborated with the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority by participating as an opt-in community for the 2016 Homeless Count. Mid City West successfully recruited volunteers to canvass all census tracts in the Mid City West area. The data help service organizations track progress and help the city and county obtain federal funds.
Increase media coverage of MCW sponsored events.
Target met.  Mid City West events in the 2015-16 fiscal year were covered by the ABC 7, Park Labrea News Beverly Press, Larchmont Chronicle, Larchmont Buzz, Streetsblog LA, and the Melrose Village Blog.
MCW will increase its email list/stakeholder database from 767 to 1000.
Target met. Email list included 1100 people at the end of the fiscal year.
Launch an updated website that features MCW brand and graphic.
Not met.  Website and branding projects still in process.
Citywide NC Metrics
How many meetings was conducted?
LAPD Wilshire Open House; September 20; LAPD Wilshire Division
2016 Homeless Count; January 28; Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority
Election Day; May 1; Department of Neighborhood Empowerment
Townhall for 6th Street Safety; May 18; LADOT, LADCP, and CD4
Rosewood Garden Clean Up Day; June 22; Council District 5
Midtown Los Angeles Summit on Homelessness; July 9; United Way, Midtown Los Angeles Homeless Coalition
Feeder ride to CicLAvia Culver City Meets Venice; August 9; CicLAvia
Park(ing) Day; September 18; Melrose BID, District La Brea, Open Space Café and Theater, Miracle Mile Toys and Games
Feeder ride to CicLAvia Heart of LA; October 18; CicLAvia
Education Town Hall; January 25; LAUSD Board President Steve Zimmer and Hancock Park Elementary School
Public Safety Fair; March 5; First in Fire Foundation, Hancock Park Elementary School
Feeder ride to CicLAvia the Valley; March 6; CicLAvia
Carthay School Science Fair and Environmental Expo; May 21; Carthay Magnet School
Jewish Family Service Senior Health Fair; May 26; Jewish Family Service of LA
Rosewood Garden Clean Up Day; June 22; Greenway Arts Alliance and Fairfax High School
Hatzolah 5th Annual Disaster Preparedness and Safety Fair; June 26; Hatzolah of LA
Stakeholder Database
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