MacArthur Park
Empower the community to improve its quality of life
Through sponsoring community events such as: tenant rights workshops and through educating residents at cultural outreach events
To create the necessary resource tools needed to address, and reach more, residents in our district.
We created resource tools such as: housing handbooks, outreach flyers, consumer leaflets, city service directories.
Establish a coalition amongst community organizations, schools, city departments, city representatives, and vendors to make information accessible for residents.
By partnering with city officials and city departments, other neighborhood councils and nonprofit organizations.
To make the neighborhood council visible and accessible to the community by participating in public events and having an extensive outreach strategy.
We fulling this goal by actively being present at city events and community events.
Identifying and supporting programs aimed at the enrichment of young people
Through such sponsored events with the Department of Parks and Recreation, Lafayette Youth Summer Camp
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Creation of a website and social media page to communicate with resident electronically
A Facebook page has been created and we currently have 26 followers. A website is currently being developed.
Submitting community impact statements and letters of support.
We sent letters of support of the legalizing of street vending, the fight for $15 min. wage. We also received a community petition to install a traffic light on 8th street. Letters opposing liquor licenses. 
Hosting meetings in publicly accessible location to increase community participation
We held 42 general board meetings throughout the last fiscal year
Establish annual events, host community outreach events, and encourage the involvement of all MPNC committees
Hosted out 7th Annual Tenants Rights Workshop, and participated in multiple outreach events (Fishing Derby, Dia de los Muertos)
Establish relationship with other entities in order to collaborate on community events, and assist in creating a resource directory
no results or measurements available.
Citywide NC Metrics
There was no one on the council available to write these statements
There was no one on the council available to write these statements
How many meetings was conducted?
Tenants Rights Workshop: Office of Councilmember Gil Cedillo, Dept of Health, Dept of Housing, Mayor's Office.
Dia de los Muertos: Office of COuncilmember Gil Cedillos, Homless Census, Mayors Office
MacArthur Park Fishing Debry: Dep. of Recreation and Parks
MacArthur Park Fishing Derby: Daniel Hernandez Youth Foundation
Charles White Elementary School & Enrich LA: Edible Garden
Stakeholder Database
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