Boyle Heights
Proactively reach out to collaborate with local organizations that are serving the Boyle Heights community to increase the impact of others and filling the needs that aren't met by other groups.
There was a challenge in creating an action plan to better serve the community
Educate the community about useful and important services while fostering a sense of community responsibility for collectively maintaining a clean and healthy community.
During outreach events, engaged on average with 20-30 people in discussing city services and fostering community.
Support positive change the community can see by supporting and funding neighborhood improvement projects. Working collectively with the local government and community stakeholders to address issues like graffiti, potholes and illegal dumping.
Focus was not made in supporting or funding neighborhood improvement projects
Host events that are well attended, popular and provide value to the community.
384 people partcipated in the 2016 elections, more than years before
The BHNC would be inclusive to engage with the Spanish speaking community to ensure their voices are heard and have accessibility to the information and resources within the community
Efforts where made to provide translation services and posting agendas in spanish too.
How did your BIG Budget Match to Goals?
BIG Score and results?
Citywide NC Metrics
During the transitional year, there was several internal board issues that prevented us from submitting.
Although none were submitted, the planning and land use commitee did help influence efforts to improve access to information and standards for outreach regarding the cra-lot, discussions with Metro, etc.
How many meetings was conducted?
Fourth of July Celebration, Thanksgiving giveaway, Holiday Fun Festival, Veteran's Day
Stakeholder Database
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