South Robertson
To constantly improve our ability to reach stakeholders
Radically increased out Facebook ad spend to support elections
To reinforace SORO identity via permanent SORO NC street medallions.
Waiting on revised vendor quotes. However, increased pledged support for Council offices
To incrase our policy advocacy and presence in City Hall.
Greater engagement with WRAC. SORO NC leadership in LANCC and Budet Advocates.
To develop and keep additional funds for a transportation plan for our arterial streets to channel traffic flow and maximize walkability and commercial attractiveness
Pledge from CD 10 and Planning Dept. to develop comprehensive neighborhood plan.
To foster a healthy, co-operative bsiness comunity and encourage new businesses.
Held to successful business atherings, kickstarting dialogue.
How did your BIG Budget Match to Goals?
BIG Score and results?
Website: incrase overall traffic by 10% with the majoirty of new visitors coming via mobile.
Traffic up 21% vs last FY; percentage of mobile users incrased from 26% to 45%
Contacts: increase the number of contacts on Facebooks by 25% and in our email database by 10%
Facebook page likes up from 403 to 494 (23%); email up from 622 to 704 (13%)
Social media presence: establish an instagram account and encourage committees to tweet more frequently
Instagram set up, but not particularly active. Tweeting also not active
Meeting: Increase attendance at meetings by 10%
Quality of Life and Parks committees have drawn increased stakeholder participation.
Public events: increase attendance at the SoRo Festival by 5%; Movies In the Park by 10%; Peace Picnic by 5%
2016 SoRo Festival attendance down;other events have drawn larger crowds
Citywide NC Metrics
How many meetings was conducted?
SoRo Fest; Peace Picnic; 2 Movie in the Park; Car Seat Event, Homeless Count
SoRo Fest and Peach Picnic
Stakeholder Database
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