Empowerment Congress Southeast
Budget Breakdown
The ECSEANDC increases Stakeholder participation in NC Meetings, activism in local government and involvement in Community Programs as a major networking entity.
1) Organize and distribute outreach materials.
2) Coordinate events giving community direct access to elected officials.
3) Provide information to the community from City Departments.
4) Connect our stakeholders to the citywide Clean Streets Initiative.
5) Participate in the citywide Age-Friendly City Initiative: Purposeful Aging LA.
6) Help our Board to become more productive by providing members with necessary tools and information.
1) Lack of participation from the community at NC monthly meetings. 
Solution: Increase partnership with local neighborhood association and churches and make better use of technology.
2) How do we increase publicity of our monthly meetings to our constituents?
Solution: E-mails, phone calls and mailers to our database, create a Facebook account and website to boost communication with our constituents, and post yard signs.
3) How do we get local businesses involved with the Neighborhood Council?
Solution: Have board members visit local businesses distributing our outreach materials and obtaining their contact information.
4) How do we build relationships with our local officials?
Solution: Personally invite them to all our events, and schedule semi-annual meetings with the Board and elected Officials.
5) How do we address our stakeholders' concerns?
Solution: We have stakeholders fill out survey cards listing their concerns, then assign a board member to follow up that concern.
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