Hollywood Hills West
Budget Breakdown
HHWNC will continue to promote more citizen/stakeholder participation in government while working with our City and State officials to make government more responsive, accountable and transparent in regard to our local needs as well as making them more aware of the opinions and concerns of our stakeholders.
1)    INFRASTRUCTURE: Continue to work with CD4 & CD13, DWP and Street Services, to bring to their attention serious concerns with infrastructure problems within our boundaries. These include but are not limited to: maintaining and cleaning our streets, fixing potholes, sidewalk repairs, trimming trees for safety of people and property, increasing access to our parks and public libraries as well as other public venues and services that enrich and support our quality of life. 

2)    CONTROL DEVELOPMENTS TO KEEP OUR NEIGHBORHOODS SUSTAINABLE AND LIVABLE:  Respect the concerns of our stakeholders related to the spread of over development within the Hollywood area and particularly on Sunset Blvd. between La Brea and Crescent Heights as well as Hollywood Blvd from La Brea west to Laurel Avenue. Protect current zoning from inappropriate up zoning efforts.  Protect residential streets.  Encourage developers and city agencies to take into consideration our ageing infrastructure, limited water and energy supplies, while encouraging the mobility of Emergency Services. Encourage those developers to take the stakeholders quality of life issues into consideration while negotiating the appropriate adjustments to projects that will satisfy all concerned. 

Deteriorating traffic conditions continue to be a major problem not only for our stakeholders, but for general commuters and visitors as well.

3)    PARTNER WITH CITY DEPARTMENTS TO PROTECT AND SERVE THE COMMUNITIES, BOTH RESIDENTIAL AND BUSINESS AND THE VARIED STAKEHOLDER GROUPS FROM RESIDENTS, TO BUSINESS AND PROPERTY OWNERS TO THOSE WHO WORK, WORSHIP AND/OR ENTERTAIN WITHIN OUR BOUNDARIES:  Encourage the various city department heads and supervisors to participate in Neighborhood Council Board meetings as well as our individual committee meetings. HHWNC has a total of 19 different committees representing the needs of our stakeholders in nine separate areas with similar but different issues represented by 10 issue committees that actively address serious concerns ranging from the management and maintenance of our parks and open spaces to our transportation and traffic challenges to our land use planning, etc. We will continue to endeavor to listen to the voices of our stakeholders related to all our issues, from all of our areas via the public meetings we regularly hold with proper notice, governed by the Brown Act. We will continue to carry the message delivered by legitimate vote after open discussions and public comments to the various departments of city government as well as to our participating State Assembly and Senate representatives who are now engaged via our meetings. Continue to encourage stakeholders to understand our EMS issues and support and work alongside LAPD and LAFD for Emergency Preparedness, etc.
Achieving some of our goals will definitely continue to be challenging. Not all city departments listen and respond effectively to the voices of our communities via the Neighborhood Council system. We have, however, excellent relations with our local City Council representatives who endeavor to work with us, listen to our voices via public vote and go out of their way to be responsive.  We also have superb relations with our State representatives who duly seek in the input of our stakeholders and reach out to them via our meetings with excellent follow up.  We very carefully control our budget and our ultimate expenditures and make every effort to vet requests for funds during our meetings by requesting or offering presentations by representatives of both sides of any issue so the board members and stakeholders can address both sides of an issue, be it a request for a neighborhood beautification project or a restaurant owner’s request for later hours of operation.  We continue to face controversial issues head-on, without conceding to intimidation by any outside group or individual. HHWNC represents some very savvy stakeholders who have become very vocal and participatory on many levels concerning issues ranging from party houses running amok to dangerous mini-tour-busses to increased side street traffic jams; from homeless issues to fear of “back-room dealing” re permits, or lack thereof, on developments or project expansions. This is a very active, highly contentious area with serious stakeholders who want to protect the quality of their lives, be it at their home or their workplace.  Hence we run multiple meetings to give our stakeholders as many opportunities as possible to address THEIR big issues and concerns – and for us to gather them to negotiate, discuss, argue and vote.
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