United Neighborhoods
Budget Breakdown
We are an organized community that understands and embraces the history and people who live here. We welcome and facilitate economic growth, safety, beauty, and sustainability. We hold the City accountable to services in equal measure to all other areas of Los Angeles. We empower, involve, and gather local stakeholders to be a part of positive change.
Planning and Zoning 
1. Process all cases brought before UNNC in a timely fair manner
2. Engage community with South LA plan process
3. More Board Members at meetings
4. Evaluate process of how committee
5. Discussions and actions are related to the governing board

1. Literature in all languages 
2. Reach 50% of effective outreach by the committee 
3. Increase community participation and awareness 

Economic Development, Trees, & Business Corridors
1. Improve green scape park by increasing the number of trees
2. Get LA City to install and maintain trashcans
3. Attract and encourage new businesses to area 
4. Increase awareness/ Education responsibilities

Recreations and Parks (Youth)
1. Create an environment in which families unite in celebration, exercise and play
2. Empower families in their parks by reaching out to the proper agencies

Execute planning and holding our council accountable to our stakeholders
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