Wilshire Center-Koreatown
Budget Breakdown
Wilshire Center Koreatown Neighborhood Council successfully voice of stake holders through efficiency and public engagement by having a functional neighborhood.
1. Avocation and voicing of our thriving communities in WCKNC area by organizing neighborhoods and stakeholders.
2. Youth outreach, Public safety and creating walkable community through beautification and outreach programs.
3. Connecting ethnic communities within WCKNC to bring harmony and hold various neighborhood forum to address our stakeholder's issues and concerns to the city of Los Angeles
4. Creation of effective digital presents of WCKNC to better communicate with our stakeholders.
5. Engage our stakeholders in education of empowering of our neighborhoods and bring diversified neighborhoods together in WCKNC area.
1. We need technical support and administration support in order to achieve our goals. We will hire a staff to assist us in these issues.
2. We need a board retreat to get to know each members to better serve our stakeholders before reaching out to general public.
3. We need space and more time to better serve our stakeholders and we have mad arrangements with Piopico library.
4. We will create communication materials such as flyers and pamphlets to inform our stakeholders of WCKNC.
5. We the board members must lead by examples to be effective servants.
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