Woodland Hills-Warner Center
Budget Breakdown
The WHWCNC new website draws thousands od stakeholders to the site. The site has webpages for all 13 new committees who provide stakeholders with up to date news about the community, city proposals and developer City Planning cases in the area. WHWCNC regularly meets with the Council office, DWP and other City departments and collaborates with non-profits churches, the Chamber and other community groups.
1. Conduct a town hall on the homeless issue in the community with the help of Mayor Garcettis Homeless Iniative.
2. Participate in the One Generation Senior Symposium, Grateful Hearts Police and Fire Station event. Participate in the American Legion Hall Veterans Day and Memorial Day event.
3. Conduct monthly street clean ups through our new Beautification Committee working with the Clean Streets LA Challenge.
4. Have a NC booth at the Emergency Preparedness Fair and we now have an Emergency Preparedness Committee who 
meets with City Departments.
5. Have committee web pages on our new updated website so committees can reach out to stakeholders more effectively.
6. We know have a Community Impact Statement Committee.
7 WE have a member who participates in Plan Check and LANC.
1. We do have a very good social media presence but we need to have a street presence.
2. We will meet and partner with other NC's 
3. We have a large Board (28 Board members) who have not been active. WE will form more committees so every Board member is involved.
4. The area reps for each 7 areas will communicate regularly and formulate goals for their area,
5. We will reach out to other organizations to partner with them
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