Historic Highland Park
Budget Breakdown
The HHPNC outreach strategy extends beyond previous efforts to engage stakeholders and improve collaborations with community organizations to better advocate and serve our community. 
1) Improve and foster resources for youth, families, and education by working with local schools.
2) Address and advocate for affordable housing and solutions for homeless stakeholders.
3) Emphasize local business growth.
4) Improve outreach, strategic partnerships, and community engagement by hosting a "Vision Day" event.
5) Preserve and promote our heritage, history, and cultures by focusing on broader policy and legislation issues that directly impact or threaten our community.
1) Nearly a third of our stakeholders are under the age 20. We need to extend our efforts to reach out to youth through local schools and youth facilities.
2) Many of our long-term business are small family-owned and struggling. The NC will work with local businesses that serve the immediate community to improve the local economy and enhance growth, while welcoming new business opportunities throughout our commercial corridors.
3) Highland Park has the largest historic district in Los Angeles. The NC will help promote and advocate the community's heritage by focusing on the cultural and architectural significance in our neighborhoods. 
4) A significant number of residents have been displaced or are threatened with displacement due to raising rents. The NC will advocate for affordable housing through responsible development and sensible housing policies and facilitate resources for low income residents and renters to be empowered in securing their housing futures.      
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