LA 32
Budget Breakdown
To promote more civic/citizen participation in government and make government more responsible to local needs of the LA32 stakeholders
The Big Goals: 
•    Participate in public events, implementing a booth strategy that engages stakeholders.
•    Collaborate with local community organizations and co-sponsor 12 outreach events per year. 
•    Continue to implement a digital presence that includes maintain the website, incorporating an online calendar, complementing it with a social media strategy, and supporting it all with an email newsletter. 
•    Development and distribute print materials, including business cards, brochures, and resource guides that promote the LA32NC and connect with stakeholders. 
•    Survey the community and establish partnership with all community organizations such as service providers, volunteer groups, and neighborhood watches, and other NC’s in order to share networks.
The Big Solutions: 
•    We are not networking with other NC’s 
o    Solution –Outreach Committee will survey the surrounding Neighborhood Councils and share strategies with other successful councils. 
•    We currently do not co-sponsor will all local organizations and groups that we should? 
o    Solution –Contact Community Leaders and community organizations and enlist their support (local schools, local universities, and elected officials) 
•    Events cost money, where do we find the funding? 
o    Solution-Break it down and budget for your goals.  Budget for the outreach materials that are part of your booth strategy and also the tools for public event. Also have committees be creative to find various co-sponsors for local events, by allocating funds for committees and use funds in a creative manner. 
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