Los Feliz
Budget Breakdown
The Los Feliz Neighborhood Council provides timely information to the community, engages stakeholders, and ensures that the interests of the neighborhood are thoroughly discussed, vetted, and community to the appropriate Los Angeles City government entities.
1)    Represent our stakeholder concerns and be their voice to City Hall and City services
The Los Feliz NC will continue to work closely with Council Districts 4 and 13 to ensure that the interests and needs of the neighborhood council are understood and met. The NC will aim to respond to all requests for information within 24 hours, communicating concerns to CD4, CD13, LAPD, and other agencies as appropriate. NC District Representatives will follow up with stakeholders. The NC will connect stakeholders with city services through regular committee and board meetings. The NC will engage with City departments to help solve local issues. LFNC will follow up with stakeholders on the resolution of specific issues. In addition, the NC will engage in shared problem-solving with other neighborhood councils, local non-profit organizations, homeowners’ associations, and other relevant groups to address specific issues. The NC will weigh in on citywide issues (e.g. minimum wage, mobility plan, Ellis Act, etc.) by issuing community impact statements that are vetted and approved by the NC’s elected governing board.
2)    Strengthen connections with the neighborhood
The NC will continue to build on its strong virtual presence in the community, presently evidenced by one of the most active and visible social networking pages of any NC. These efforts will include but not be limited to the following: at least once-monthly email newsletters with a growing list of community stakeholders to communicate key issues and opportunities for public engagement; targeted online and physical notifications of NC hearings; and quarterly reports from District Representatives regarding neighborhood concerns and issues. The NC will continue to create and support events that bring the community together (e.g. “Los Feliz Night at Shakespeare in the Park,” public safety meetings, community workshops, social mixers, etc.). The NC will support the use of online platforms such as NextDoor and Facebook to connect neighbors in our districts. We will make every effort possible to increase our visibility in and contact with schools, parents, and local businesses to create a greater presence in the neighborhood.
Further, the NC will leverage board members’ involvement in other local organizations to increase awareness. LFNC Will be represented at local events – dedications, community meetings, LAPD events, and CD4/CD13 gatherings – as well as on all relevant task forces and ad hoc committees in order that we may best represent the interests of our neighborhood. Finally, we will encourage neighborhood purpose grant (NPG) applicants to seek funding from other neighborhood partners and to reach self-sufficiency wherever possible.
3)    Raise the awareness of and stature of the Neighborhood Council
All NPG and other funding recipients will be required to recognize LFNC’s contribution with the our logo in any press release, poster/flyer, publications, brochures, online media, and emails to mailing lists in a manner prescribed by the NC. Further, we seek to elevate the level of local publications and raise the stature of the NC. Also, all NC board members shall have business cards.
4)    Serve as a clearinghouse for timely information
We will continue to grow the LFNC website with links to other relevant sources of information on the community as well as clear information about NC meetings/announcements/decisions. In so doing, we seek to continue to expand the council’s website as the “go to” resource for neighborhood information. We will continue to post “day after” board meeting summaries so that stakeholders can be aware of NC actions and business as soon as possible after it has concluded. We will bring public issues to a neighborhood venue, facilitating meetings with City leadership including, but not limited to, the Neighborhood Prosecutor, Senior Lead Officer, CD4/CD13 Field Deputies, Griffith Park Superintendent, Greek Theatre leadership, and others, and create events of current interest to the residents. We will expand the NC calendar and FB page to include as many non-commercial local events as possible.
5)    Provide thorough and well-organized documentation and structure to enable the Neighborhood Council to operate effectively
The NC has and will continue to abide by its Bylaws and Standing Rules. Committees will continue to have access to standardized formats for agendas, minutes, room availability, and instructions on NPG applications. All NC members have and will use a neighborhood council email address for communications; and assistance is available to facilitate in the use of the NC email system. All committee chairs are empowered to update their own committee pages, including agendas, minutes, meeting locations, calendar items, and committee rosters. The NC will continue to make this as much the responsibility of committee chairs as possible. Committees will all have a mission statement / statement of purpose, a standardized web page, committee roster, and, to the extent practicable, a standardized meeting time and location. All committees shall meet all posting requirements
1)    How does an entirely new NC leadership team meet City and other deadlines in a timely fashion? Regular and ongoing communication among NC leadership about upcoming deadlines, a shared calendar, and continued communications with City staff.
2)    How do we reach as much of the community as we can? Creative thinking about how to use limited funds, ensuring that we hold all NPH recipients to our branding requirements, and continued efforts to consider diversity in all its forms in our stakeholder committees.
3)    How do we ensure that, at a minimum, we comply with all posting requirements and, as an ideal, serve as the preferred community clearinghouse of neighborhood information/business? Clearly communicate and uphold objectives and responsibilities with all committee chairs and board members, regularly check and update website and social media, and host forums – wherever possible – on relevant community issues to ensure maximum visibility and engagement.
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