Budget Breakdown
Increase contact with stakeholders; inform and engage stakeholders regarding issues that matter to them; inform stakeholders of important city policies, procedures, plans, and events; and serve as a conduit to the city regarding stakeholder feedback.
1. Empower and support our residents, neighborhood associations, businesses, schools and nonprofit organizations (those groups that directly affect our residents). 
2. Keep stakeholders informed about city events and issues which affect them; 
3. Work directly, and through other organizations, to improve our neighborhood in areas that affect the livability and well-being of our stakeholders, with a particular focus on: beautification efforts, school support, traffic reduction and monitoring, safety issues, and issues affecting our senior citizens; 
4. Serve as effective advocates for our neighborhood by monitoring the activities of, and communicating and working with, appropriate agencies, departments and elected officials of the City, and by effectively addressing the needs, concerns and aspirations identified by our community. 
5. Promote inclusiveness by representing the many diverse interests in communities and encouraging diverse interests to work together in addressing community concerns
•    Reach out to local businesses to raise awareness of the NC as a venue for addressing neighborhood issues, and city policies and procedures; explore possible Business Improvement District (BID)
•    Contact non-profits to raise awareness of Neighborhood Purpose Grant opportunities and application process.
•    Continue to improve and expand functions of PICO NC website and other social media outlets, to disseminate information, promote PICO NC meetings and activities, and engage community members.
•    Maintain and expand email distribution list for PICO NC stakeholders, and effectively utilize the monthly newsletter to inform and engage stakeholders.

Event Sponsorship and Collaboration:
•    Sponsor at least three events or projects directly, including public issue-based forums, educational events, festivals, streetscape improvements, or ‘quality of life’ initiatives. Possibilities include:
- Issue-based forum on topic of community interest (e.g., homelessness, aging, crime, civic issues)
- Voter turnout forum
- Event in collaboration with Great Streets advisory committee (could be tied to beautification, 
    urban landscaping/tree planting/sustainability, business improvement)
- Seasonal stakeholder event
- Explore possibilities for local dog park
- Tree planting projects (could be tied in with Great Streets as above)
- Event or program to promote public art (e.g., unifying artwork on Pico Blvd signal cabinets)
•    Collaborate with other NCs or stakeholder groups by volunteering at or co-funding a minimum of two community-serving activities.  Possibilities include:
- partner w/ LAPD and other NCs re: Wilshire Division landscape project
- partner w/ Great Streets advisory committee on events/activities that serve shared goals (see above)
- partner w/ CD10, re: Winter Wonderland
•    Grant-making:  Promote, vet and grant NPG funding to grant applicants whose programs and activities work to achieve our shared goals. 
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