Central Alameda
Budget Breakdown
Empower our citizenry to be more involved in the political process, to seek out new opportunities for growth and self-improvement, to stand up to the core principles that makes each individual who they are, and to share in our prosperity with one another.
1.  To create opportunity for civic engagement; 2. Host events, townhalls, workshops, and information sessions that increases our residents exposure and access to vital services and opportunities to our immigrant community, our seniors, students and homeless population; 3. To ensure our residents are aware of their basic rights; 4. To develop a more consistent method of information dissemination by any means necessary; 5. To successfully fill our two vacant board positions; 6. To better represent our constituency by speak up for them at various official engagements with the City, other councils, alliance groups and elected officials, including local and federal law enforcement agencies; 8. And to be a better more effective voice that speaks up for and fights for the needs of our community.
1. Develop a more strategic communication’s plan that will boost our outreach effort to as many residents as possible; 2. Ensure we represent our constituency in as many official functions where we can share our needs with other like-minded councils and city entities; 3.  Partner with other council areas to our mutual benefits; 4. Ensure our entire budget is properly expended on outreach and vital NPG grants to needy community-based groups.
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