Van Nuys
Budget Breakdown
The Van Nuys Neighborhood Council will serve the community of Van Nuys by increasing access to local government, services and developing projects, educating stakeholders of resources and opportunities, connecting them to elected officials, as well as working along other organizations and businesses to create a cleaner, safer and higher quality of living in Van Nuys.
Big Goals:
1. Improve our schools via funding for projects, clean-ups, field trips and other educational services or resources. 
2. Connect stakeholders more to planning and land use in Van Nuys. Increase participation in PLUM meetings and prioritize sustainability. 
3. Hold at least three summits as part of the Distinguished Speaker Series we started in 2015. Summits to include: homelessness, emergency preparedness, education and PLUM among others.
1) Many board members are not tech-savvy or do not have access to certain technology. Solution – We must find an office, buy equipment for positions of leadership ie committee chairs or executive board members, and we must consider hiring someone to train a board wide workshop of how to use technology. 
2) We don’t know the other organizations and groups. Solution – Find the people that do and enlist their support.Send the appropriate committee chairs to conduct outreach either in schools, parks, small businesses etc.
3) Must reach a solution with DONE to resolve the $500 bank card limit. We cannot conduct a large amount of business with a limit that small especially when this is due to a clerical error that DONE has yet to resolve while every other NC gets to spend to a limit of $2500. This must be resolved asap if the Van Nuys Neighborhood Council is to successfully carry out its vision.
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