Pico Union
Budget Breakdown
As a neighborhood with diversity, our vision is to come together as a whole and create a clean/safe city to live in. In addition, we also want to be more involved this year. We want to participate in more outreach events for harmony in our Neighborhood with all ethnicities.
In an area dominated mostly by Hispanics and Koreans it is important to understand each others history, culture and habits. Getting along will be the key to a more successful neighborhood.
•We would like to reach this goal by inviting Hispanic leaders to the Korean Culture center. Having them understand Korean culture, history and food, that way we can spend time and plan for Spring of 2017.
•PUNC will also participate with Hispanic events around the neighborhood, year round, to emphasize how we can get along and work together. 
•Support the Korean Daily News at the Berendo Junior School around October. The entire town can come together disregarding their ethnicity, political views, or social standing.
•Report to the city (directly to Empower LA) with any complications we are having to avoid additional conflicts. 
•Talk it over with the council’s board and come up with solutions. Not to dwell on solutions and come to agreements. 
•Partnering up with other councils to set up events and projects that cannot be done with the council alone. This way we can have more ideas, more people involved, and higher budget.
•As a council, if we realize we are not moving towards our vision as planned, we shall move back a step and focus on what is more important for the city/community.
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