Harbor Gateway South
Budget Breakdown
To improve the quality of life through beautification of the community.
1)    Create better community planning by attending two townhall meetings, and planning two workshops on this planning.
2)    Plan community beautification projects including four street trash cleanups and creating one art mural, which works in line with the Clean Streets Initiative.
3)    Get more youth involvement in having pride in their neighborhood by organizing one art supply giveaway and two school events.
4)    Involve construction companies in beautifying the community by having a style guide for them.
5)    Involve stakeholders in working toward comprehensive homeless strategy by allowing them to speak freely in the meetings about core areas of homelessness in our community. 
1)    We have communication issues due to poor distribution of the newsletter. We plan to implement more strategies of outreach like placing ads in the newspaper to announce meeting dates and times.
2)    We don’t get much stakeholder participation in pickups, so we will implement prizes and contests to encourage them to participate.
3)    Our meetings are not relatable/entertaining, so we plan to make the meetings more interactive and less so about all business.
4)    We have gangs in our area, but we plan to reach out to the youth and create events/townhall meetings, just for them, so that they can express how they want to improve the community.
5)    We have so many plans, and so little time. Due to this we plan to make our committee meetings more in detail than the board meeting, so that we can get to the events and spend less time on rehashing the same issues.
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