Budget Breakdown
Rebuild the CANNDU neighborhood Council, expanding its relationship with the community.
1    Increase Council Administration functionality 
2    Build and improve our relationship with stakeholders
3    Increase the number of events (that we sponsor)
4    Increase our data base
5    Improve the dynamic of the board
•    Create a functioning committee system
•    Clear definition of responsibilities and tasks 
•    Review and revise bylaws 
•    Have board trainings 
•    Hire people as necessary to do administration tasks
•    Social Medial (increase visibility on social media)
•    Business cards
•    Create a newsletter 
•    Do mail outs 3 times a year
•    Develop and publish quarterly newsletters to the community 
•    Conduct subject specific town hall meetings on issues that affect our community 
•    Establish relationships with local business 
•    Turkey give away 
•    Clean up CD9 
•    November Harvest Feast    
•    Encourage the community to complete the sign in sheet and to invite friends to attend the community and board meetings 
•    Create sign up link for e-blast and newsletters on the front page of the website
•    Do a mail out for a committee member participation
•    Do  community surveys rating the services of the city and the effectiveness of the neighborhood council
•    Broad trainings
•    Every 3-6 months have a social event
•    Find solutions when there is a problem (discuss with respect)
•    Take action after the meeting (make motion to move/action)
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