Echo Park
Budget Breakdown
To be a shining example of proactive and community centered government and an agent of civic unity and community enhancement in Echo Park, for the world to envy.
1) Expand outreach and awareness to all stakeholders, with special attention to Seniors, non-English Speakers, and people that are not on the internet.

2) Provide internet access and education to our community for free and in an effective way.

3) Expand and enhance relationships with City Resources

4) Improve quality of life in Echo Park.

5) Form a rational, sustainable community plan while addressing the need for more and affordable housing
1) Recurring and open longitudinal events to reach stakeholders and find out what
their concerns are.

2) Managing Dodgers Operations.

3) Support Libraries and Schools with additional computers and internet hardware.

4) Develop a resource guide for Echo Park residents (in conjunction with CD1 and 13).

5) Have a regular newsletter.

6) Reach out to and through the schools.

7) Connect with other community orgs (like Echo Park Rising, El Centro Del Pueblo, EPIA, Echo Park Chamber of Commerce, etc) to reach more stakeholders.

8) Have community clean ups in conjunction with local orgs, like El Centro Del Pueblo, CCAC, Dream Center, etc.

9) Make and distribute reusable bags for farmers market with EPNC logo.

10) Hold events that encourage local artists and students to work together.
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