Budget Breakdown
Create a better awareness of our NC within the Tarzana community
What is your NC's Big Goal's
1. Sponsor Earth Day Event and possibly another major Event along with a Partners.
2. Participate in regional events
3. Reach out to local organizations to sponsor events at their meetings. Create a Speakers Bureau.
4. Expand our email newsletter. Possibly create a formal newsletter possibly also in print. Create community wide or targeted mailing and evaluate their effectiveness.
1. We will work with local organizations that will either mail our newsletter to their email lists or request the organization to contact their subscribers, asking them to join our email lists.
2. Work with our Council Office and other city departments to have periodic community meetings where Stakeholders can discuss their issues, problems and ask questions of our Councilperson and various city departments.
3. Engage community volunteers, or, a professional, to prepare a regularly scheduled newsletter.
4. Specifically assign a person(s) the responsibility to maintain and update our web site.
5. Establish a list of speakers and their topics. Subsequently contact community organizations to discuss our speakers availability.
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