South Robertson
Budget Breakdown
To build SORO into a neighborhood recognized for its strong and inclusive community spirit; safe, walkable, tree-lined streets; and vibrant business districts.
1.    To constantly improve our ability to reach stakeholders.
2.    To reinforce SORO identity via permanent SORO NC street medallions.
3.    To increase our policy advocacy and presence in City Hall.
4.    To develop and seek additional funds for a transportation plan for our arterial streets to channel traffic flow and maximize walkability and commercial attractiveness.
5.    To foster a healthy, co-operative business community and encourage new businesses. 
6.    To provide increased services and guidance to the SORO LGBTQ community.
7.    To guide the redevelopment process at Robertson Recreation Center.
8.    To plant additional trees in the neighborhood.
9.    To increase overall safety within SORO.
10.    To better educate our residents on first aid and emergency response procedures.
11.    To support our schools via healthy food initiatives, policy advocacy, and mentorship programs. 
12.    To educate our community about sustainable environmental and water practices.
13.    To work to increase voter turnout within our NC.
1.    Outreach:
a.    Complete planned upgrades to the SORO NC website to make it easier to use and mobile-friendly.
b.    Better distribute communication/publishing duties to increase our ability to share information with the public. 
c.    Survey residents periodically on local issues.
d.    Increase out Facebook ad spend to reach stakeholders who are unaware of the NC.
e.    Secure additional funding from the Council offices for the medallion/banner program.
f.    Expand outreach efforts for community events, including the annual SoRo Festival.
g.    Increase millennial involvement within the NC and our community.
h.    Hold regular community events in collaboration with the Council offices to broaden the reach of the NC. 
i.    Support the NC system and its role within the City.
j.    Create a street mural to beautify S. Robertson
2.    Transportation planning:
a.    Work with the Council offices and City departments to find additional funds for traffic projects.
b.    Participate in early planning of 10 Freeway ramp reconfiguration.
c.    Develop a complete Street Vision proposal for South Robertson.
d.    Complete a bike survey.
e.    Advocate for additional public transportation in our area, including a DASH line to Century City.
3.    Economic development:
a.    Revitalize the SOROCard program. Spin off website?
b.    Hold gatherings of local business leaders.
c.    Research and find funding for lighting trees along Robertson.
d.    Encourage the creation of an employment program for SORO residents.
4.    Green team:
a.    Find partner to help with tree procurement/planning.
b.    Increase awareness of sustainable practices.
c.    Continue to take a strong environmental advocacy role within the City. 
d.    Schedule regular e-waste drives.
5.    Public Safety:
a.    Expand neighborhood watch program.
b.    Help Neighborhood Associations to offer group security services.
c.    Sponsor training courses in first aid and emergency preparedness. 
d.    Work with LAPD and LAFD to better communicate community concerns and LAPD/LAFD efforts.
e.    Recruit volunteers for annual Homeless Count. 
f.    Collaborate with City and local resources to create revised SORO emergency plan.
6.    Community services:
a.    Recommend and support new community programs at the Robertson Rec Center.
b.    Participate in Robertson Rec Center planning and help establish a private development fund.
c.    Work with City and stakeholders to resolve issues with Reynier Park.
d.    Work to alleviate issues with homeless residents.
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