Elysian Valley Riverside
Budget Breakdown
Our vision is to empower residents to become more engaged in neighborhood improvement by sharing resources and information regarding issues which directly impact the  state of the community. These issues involve environment and land use, involuntary displacement of low-income residents, high density, and the neighborhood's position within the City of Los Angeles. By addressing these matters through a transparent and accessible public platform, we will make government more responsive to local needs.
1. Boosting community awareness of our organization by hosting forums, hearings, and town hall meetings where residents will have a platform upon which they will be able to voice their questions and concerns.

2. Partnering up in conjuction with City, County, State, Federal, School District, and Special District entities as well as other community organizations in order to address pressing issues which affect our neighborhood.

3. Forming a Master Calendar available to the public that will list meetings and event that are held by the EVRNC as well as other organizations and groups within the community.
1. EVRNC will disseminate invitations to Government officials to host town hall meetings and other public events where the community's concerns will be addressed in a convenient and transparent manner.

2. EVRNC will reach out to Government leaders to help address ongoing, pressing issues within our community, such as high density, involuntary displacement of low-income residents, health and safety, environmental protection, etc..

3. Setting up a page within our website as well as implementing our bulletin boards to post events for the current month so that members of the community can become more informed and motivated to participate in said events.
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