Harbor City
Budget Breakdown
The Harbor City Neighborhood Council strives to increase stakeholder participation in our meetings, activities, and city government, while doing our best to increase the city services received by our community including police, fire, and street cleaning among others.  We also focus on increasing the response of elected officials to our requests.
1. Increase stakeholder attendance at our stakeholder meetings.
2. Increase the number of stakeholders receiving email blasts.
3. Increase the number of registered voters in Harbor City.
4. Improve the quality of life in Harbor City.
5. Push for the creation of parks in Harbor City.
6. Improve our planning for future events.
1. Improve outreach by working through schools, churches, and other organizations in Harbor City.
2. Run voter registration drives at all of our activities and at schools, churches, and other organizations in Harbor City.
3. Collect email addresses at our activities and during the voter registration drives to add to our list. Add business emails to our list as well.
4. Push for increased street sweeping and other city services to clean up Harbor City.
5. Schedule neighborhood clean ups to improve cleanliness of Harbor City.
6. Write to elected officials to push for the use of open space in Harbor City to be turned into parks.  This would increase park space while reducing neglected empty lots.
7. Have all planning put into writing so everyone knows what status each activity has reached.
8. Improve the use of committee meetings to shorten the stakeholder meetings and improve planning.
9. Improve publicity for meetings and events through signs and online.
10. Participate in the events of other organizations.
11. Run a program to have DOT Utility boxes painted.
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