Olympic Park
Budget Breakdown

To increase outreach events and programs in order to connect with stakeholders; become a voice to stakeholders in the district express their concerns to the City Council as well as to City Departments.  Be familiar with Public Works on going project within the city; schedule clean up projects for the district and help stakeholders become a part of the clean-up project. To be competitive by having candidates competing in the election and to have all seats open for the next election in 2018.
OPNC wants to plan about three events one of which will be an International Flair; there are at least two major ethnics group in the district; Mexicans and Koreans. An event of culture, ethnic food, dances, along with Arts and Crafts and language. Participate in Clean Streets LA Challenge to bring cleanliness to OPNC district as well as partner with other Neighborhood Councils to clean our communities. Establish and facilitate one meeting per quarter; set up a Stakeholder Forum three times a year on Community Services. Develop strategies for increasing regular Board Seat competitiveness to at least two competitive seats per Eastside and Westside. Develop strategies to increase stakeholders attendance during regular Board of Directors Meeting.
To promote OPNC awareness, we propose designing and elevating Banners in strategic areas in OPNC. Awareness will increase interest in attending regular Board Meetings, and expectantly lead to participation on the Board. (2) Increase communications via Newsletters and other social media outlets. (3) Hold at least one Downhill discussion semi annually with City Attorney, Police, Councilperson, and other community leaders. (4) Research on KYCC's function as a contractor for the City; increased green foliage in Olympic Park Neighborhood Council area including business entities.
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