Boyle Heights
Budget Breakdown
The Boyle Heights Neighborhood Council is a sustainable, respected, community serving entity that serves as a resource hub of information to bridge between the community, the government and other neighborhoods of Los Angeles.
1) Collaborate with local organizations serving Boyle Heights to promote greater awareness of resources in the community and BHNC.
2) Educate community members about city services while fostering community responsibility for collectively maintaining an active, clean, and healthy community.
3) Partner with Neighborhood council alliance or other Neighborhood Council on a project. 
4) Host community events that are valuable and useful while increasing participation. 
5) Participate in the Clean Streets LA Challenge, or conduct a street cleaning. 
6) Create positive supportive change in the community by supporting and funding neighborhood improvement projects that address gravity removal, potholes, and illegal dumping, to name a few. 
7) Engage Spanish speaking community members to ensure representation and accessibility to information and resources within the community.
1) How do we pick organizations and groups serving Boyle Heights- Find community organizations that we've funded in the past that share similar goals and/or outreach to organizations in the community through asset planning.
2) How can we really outreach over 100k residents living in Boyle Heights? Solution- Create an outreach campaign and strategy (including social media/website, utilizing databases, booths, canvassing, banners, pamphlets, etc.) led by the outreach chair , in conjunction with the BHNC.
3) These things sound expensive! Solution- Itemize and breakdown costs associated to outreach plans, budget for outreach materials and tools for public events. Collaborate with other Neighborhood Councils and/or CD-14 to share costs.
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