Neighborhood Council
Canvass of Votes
  Arleta 1 ANC-2016-Official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  Foothill Trails District 1 FTDNC-2016-Official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  Mission Hills 1 MHNC-Board-Affirmation.pdf
  North Hills East 1 NHENC-2016-Official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  Pacoima 1 PNC-2016-Official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  Panorama City 1 PCNC-Official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  Sunland-Tujunga 1 STNC-2016-Official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  Sylmar 1 SNC-2016-Official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  Chatsworth 2 CNC-2016-Official-Selection-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
Granada Hills North 2 GHNNC-2016-Official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  Granada Hills South 2 GHSNC-2016-Official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  North Hills West 2 NHWNC-2016-Official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  Northridge East 2 NENC-2016-Official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  Northridge South 2  
  Northridge West 2 NWNC-2016-Official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  Porter Ranch 2 PRNC-2016-Official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  Canoga Park 3 CPNC-2016-Official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  Encino 3 ENC-2016-Official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  Lake Balboa 3 LBNC-2016-Official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  Reseda 3 RNC-2016-Official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  Tarzana 3 TarzanaNC-2016-Official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  West Hills 3 WHNC-2016-Official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  Winnetka 3 WinnetkaNC-2016-Official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  Woodland Hills-Warner Center 3 WHWCNC-2016-Official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  Greater Toluca Lake 4 GTLNC-2016-Official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  Greater Valley Glen 4 GVGNC-Board-Affirmation.pdf
  Noho 4 MTNoHoNC-2016-Official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  North Hollywood Northeast 4 NHNENC-2016-Official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  North Hollywood West 4 NoHoWestNC-Board-Affirmation.pdf.pdf
  Sherman Oaks 4 SONC-2016-Oficial-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  Studio City 4 SCNC-2016-Official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  Valley Village 4 NCVV-2016-Official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  Van Nuys 4 VNNC-2016-Official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  Central Hollywood 5 CHNC-2016-Official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  East Hollywood 5 EHNC-2016-Official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  Greater Wilshire 5 GWNC-2016-Official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  Historic Cultural North 5  
  Hollywood Hills West 5 HHWNC-2016-Official-Canvas-of-Votes.pdf
  Hollywood Studio District 5 HSDNC-2016-Official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  Hollywood United 5 HUNC-2016-Official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  Mid City West 5 MCWCC-2016-Official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  PICO 5 PICO-2016-Official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  Downtown LA 6 DLANC-2016-Official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  Historic Cultural 6 HCNC-Official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  MacArthur Park 6 This Neighborhood Council did not have Elections this year.pdf
  Olympic Park 6 OPNC-2016-Official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  Pico Union 6 PUNC-2016-Official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  Westlake North 6 Westlake-North-2016-Election-Official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  Westlake South 6  
  Wilshire Center-Koreatown 6 WCKNC-2016-Official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  Atwater Village 7 AVNC-2016-Official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  Echo Park 7 EPNC-2016-Official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  Elysian Valley Riverside 7 EVRNC-2016-Official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  Los Feliz 7 LFNC-2016-Official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  Rampart Village 7 RVNC-2016-Official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  Silver Lake 7 SLNC-2016-Official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  Arroyo Seco 8 ASNC-2016-Official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  Boyle Heights 8 BHNC-2016-Official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  Eagle Rock 8 ERNC-2016-Official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  Glassell Park 8 GPNC-2016-Official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  Greater Cypress Park 8 GCPNC-2016-Official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  Hermon 8  
  Historic Highland Park 8 HHPNC-2016-Official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  LA 32 8 LA32-2016-Official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  Lincoln Heights 8 LHNC-2016-Official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  CANNDU 9 CANNDU-2016-Official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  Central Alameda 9 CANC-Board-Affirmation.pdf
  Empowerment Congress Southeast 9 ECSEANDC-2016-Official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  Empowerment Congress Southwest 9 ECSWANDC-2016-Official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  South Central 9 SouthcentralNC-2016-Official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  Voices 9 V9NC-2016-Official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  Watts 9 WattsNC-2016-Official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  Zapata-King 9 ZKNC-2016-Official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  Empowerment Congress Central 10 ECCANDC-2016-official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  Empowerment Congress North 10 ECNANDC-2016-official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  Empowerment Congress West 10 ECWANDC-2016-official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  Mid City 10 MINC-2016-official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  Park Mesa Heights 10 PMHCC-2016-official-Canvass-of-Votes (1).pdf
  United Neighborhoods 10 UNNC-2016-official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  West Adams 10 WANC-2016-official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  Bel Air-Beverly Crest 11 BABCNC-2016-Official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  Del Rey 11 DRNC-2016-Official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  Mar Vista 11 MVCC-2016-Official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  North Westwood 11  
  Palms 11 PalmsNC-2016-Official-Cavnass-of-Votes.pdf
  South Robertson 11 SORONC-2016-Official-Canvass-Votes.pdf
  Venice 11 VeniceNC-2016-Official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  West Los Angeles Sawtelle 11 WLASNC-2016-Official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  Westchester-Playa 11 NCWP-2016-Official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  Westside 11  
  Westwood 11 WWNC-2016-Official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  Central San Pedro 12 CentralSPNC-2016-Official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  Coastal San Pedro 12 CSPNC-2016-Official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  Harbor City 12 HarborCityNC-2016-Official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  Harbor Gateway North 12 HGNNC-2016-official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  Harbor Gateway South 12 HGSNC-2016-Official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  Northwest San Pedro 12 NWSPNC-2016-Official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf
  Wilmington 12 WilmingtonNC-2016-Official-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf

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